About Us

How it started…

Sloan Construction Scale Models (SCSM) was founded by Steven Sloan, a passionate scale model maker and model collector.

Steven has been model building for over 15 years across many different scales from 1:14 working hydraulic radio-controlled equipment to 1:50 scale machinery.  Steven’s wife Michelle joined the team in 2019.  Michelle studied design and Innovation and brings creative skills and design experience.  Together they provide experience and craftsmanship to create extremely detailed custom scale models.


SCSM offer an extensive range of bespoke services including CAD/CAM Design, 3D printing, machining, 2K spray painting/air brushing and also resin casting and much more all in house.  We are constantly working to develop new skills and techniques to help us produce the highest quality scale models.

Our clients…

Model collectors and model builders across the world along with construction companies and equipment manufacturers to produce highly detailed miniature scale replicas of their chosen machinery/attachments.

At SCSM we provide a varied level of services depending on the clients wishes from design and manufacture of component parts, to allow the model builder to assemble, and also providing highly detailed completed display models.  All the time providing a custom bespoke service to fulfill our clients wishes.

On our website you can find our constantly updated range of miniature 1:50 scale excavator booms and attachments.  Along with our custom-built replica 1:50 scale machines.

If you have any questions or queries regarding any of our existing products or any future custom model requirements, please send us an inquiry via any method on our contact page.